LEGO Inspiring Mankind - YCN Brief

Promotional Campaign
YCN competition brief to distinguish LEGO from its competitors. Using it as a tool of inspiration throughout human history, inspiring mankind to build, create and discover. This created a subtle twist on both LEGO’s mission statement of “Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow” and their vision “Inventing the future of play”, which my slogan “Inspiring mankind” reflects.
LEGO Poster1
LEGO Poster2
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LEGO Poster Context1
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LEGO Instore2
LEGO Instore1
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I also created an installation portion which uses LEGO based imagery and objects placed amongst pieces in museums, with panels next to each piece contain a short fictional backstory. Museums were used as they are places of knowledge, learning, discovery and imagination for children, values that LEGO as a company represents.
LEGO Museum1
LEGO Museum2
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