Nescafé Azera Coffee Prisms - YCN Brief

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Coffee Prisms
YCN competition brief to create a new product innovation, social media campaign and instore promotion for Nescafé Azera. Coffee Prisms are convenient single serving hexagonal prisms of coffee that take their shape from the Azera logo to provide a quick and flexible way to drink coffee that is unique to the Azera brand. Working similarly to a sugar cube, dissolving instantly in hot water, Coffee Prisms aren't conventional in the current coffee market. They provide Azera’s target audience with the flexibility to take a tube with them during the day and have coffee wherever they are.
Coffee Prisms Process
Sold in both ten serving tubes and larger seven tube multipack metal tins, the four current Azera coffee types would all be available as coffee prisms in these two product sizes, with an additional variety tin containing a mixture of types.
Coffee Prisms Packs
Coffee Prisms Tins
The uniqueness of the Azera hexagon and ribbon device flow throughout all aspects of the new innovation, creating a consistent identity which makes Coffee Prisms instantly recognisable and stand out amongst competitors. Three different instore display designs; aisle, end of aisle and standalone display, allow product promotion to be flexible dependent on store size.
Coffee Prisms Displays
Coffee Prisms Displays2
An additional instore campaign focuses on tags attached to trolleys and baskets, providing information on the product and directing the consumer to it within the store. 
Coffee Prisms Tags
Coffee Prisms Trolley
The social media campaign uses an Azera Instagram filter to allow customers to reflect on and share their perspective on the world as they drink their Azera coffee. The images are then shared on social media using #AzeraPerspective and used for digital posters that promote Azera and encourage others to take part in the campaign.
Coffee Prisms Social Media
Coffee Prisms Social Media Context
An online microsite collates all hashtagged images, allowing you to view other perspectives and share them across social media, expanding the campaign reach further.
Coffee Prisms Microsite
Coffee Prisms Microsite2
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