Shakeaway Rebrand

Branding and Packaging

A rebrand of popular milkshake bar Shakeaway, based on the concept of combinations. The company name is split into ‘shake’ and ‘away’ to represent this, with the two-colour patterns it sits on symbolising both the mixture of the milkshake and the combination of ingredients.

The mixture of colour and pattern becomes the main visual identity of the rebrand. Five colours are combined with five different patterns to give fifty combinations that symbolise the variety of different milkshake flavours you can create. These combinations then give individual identities to the different elements of the brand, such as cups, carry packs and stores. 

shakeaway advert
The advertising campaign looks at the range of potential ingredient combinations, questioning what customers will create from the menu. A series of posters highlight different flavour mixtures, using a humorous amalgamated name to describe them. 
shakeaway advert2
Social media interaction with the brand stems directly from the poster campaign. The posters invite the public to share their own flavour combinations through twitter, submitted through #SpecialShake. One combination is then picked each week to feature on the Shakeaway menu as that week’s #SpecialShake.
shakeaway social media
Floor stickers of ingredients lead you from the advertising to the nearest store. The colour and pattern combination of both the poster and the stickers match that of the nearest store’s identity.
shakeaway foodprints
As Shakeaway currently has around thirty eight stores, each of which can have its own identity within the fifty combinations, with room for expansion to future stores. A coloured back wall completes the cut out pattern on the storefront and the menu is a handwritten blackboard, with two used instore to help during busy periods.
shakeaway store
shakeaway menu
Cups would be available in all of the fifty colour and pattern combinations. The base of each cup allows staff to write on the customer’s chosen milkshake flavour through the simple F F T (flavour, flavour, topping) icons. Four-cup carry packs from each store feature that store’s individual identity, bringing it to the outside environment. 
shakeaway cups
shakeaway cup base
shakeaway carry pack
shakeaway context
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