Branding and Event Design

Branding and event design for a new series of vinyl themed singles nights aimed at lovers of vinyl records. Singles aims to bring a social element back to the world of vinyl, creating friendships and possibly relationships. The logo is thin and scriptive, designed to look like it has been written by the record arm that ends as the dot of the ‘i’.

The advertising takes inspiration from sleeveface photos, using records with song lyrics that relate to the overall concept of the Singles events. These song lyrics take precedence at the top of the poster and use colours taken from the record sleeves. This use of colour from the vinyls is also continued across the other elements of the brand.

singles advert1
singles advert2
The advertising takes prospective attendees to the website, where they can find out more about Singles, learn about upcoming events, or sign up by filling out a simple form.
singles website1
singles website2
An invite would be sent to you whenever there was an event in your local area. It is a playable vinyl of a single that fits with the concept in a similar way to the advertising, with the vinyl label redesigned to provide the event information. Also included with each invite is a small booklet that contains an RSVP postcard for you to send back to confirm your attendance, as well as tear out postcards of the advertising to pass on to friends and get them involved in Singles.
singles invite1
singles invite2
singles invite3
singles invite4
singles invite5
singles invite6
singles invite7
The elements of the events are designed to create conversations amongst attendees. Racks of vinyls personalised with attendee photos and sign up form answers allow people at the event to identify others that they want to talk to. A special ‘mixer menu’ would allow you to buy vinyl themed cocktails based on albums with the ingredients styled as song titles.
singles event1
singles event2
singles event3
A jukebox at the event would play attendees favourite songs, with a screen next to it displaying the song name, artist and person who chose it. A photobooth would encourage those at the event to take sleeveface photos together. These elements would all feature the hashtag #singles, promoting interaction across social media at the event and beyond.
singles event4
singles event5
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