Story of Mum

Identity and Branding
Story of Mum
A live competition brief to design a logo for an organisation called Story of Mum, who encourage mothers to have time to themselves to come together and be creative. My design focuses on their values of collaboration and connection, using the three circles to form the heart at the core. The three circle icon becomes a decorative mark when applied as branding.
Story of Mum Business Cards
Branding focused primarly on the sort expected from exhibitions, as Story of Mum had plans for a touring popup one. This therefore included business cards, bags, badges and projected logos.
Story of Mum Exhibition
Story of Mum Products
The branding was also applied to Facebook, Twitter and a redesign of the organisations website. The altered website uses circular images as rollover navigation to create a link back to the logo.
Story of Mum Facebook
Story of Mum Twitter
Story of Mum Website
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