The Illuminarti

Branding, Packaging and Advertising
The Illuminarti
Branding for a high quality, premium art suppliers. ‘The Illuminarti’ are designed as an exclusive company, from whom only members can purchase products, making them feel important. The advertising begins your journey from finding out about The Illuminarti to purchasing their products. Scanning the QR code takes you to the initial page of the company website.
The Illuminarti Advert1
The Illuminarti Advert2
From the initial website page you can either sign in, or apply to become a member. If accepted, you receive a new members pack containing a membership card and store location map, as well as information on how the company and their stores work.
The Illuminarti Members Pack1
The Illuminarti Members Pack2
Each store is designed to be an experience for the customer, allowing them to interact with and learn more about the products before they buy them. An 'Genius Bar’ style help service called The Intellectuals and the opportunity to try products before buying them achieves this.
The Illuminarti Instore1
The Illuminarti Instore2
Instead of standard payment methods, an augmented reality purchasing system further enhances the exclusive feel of the company. Scanning the products you want and confirming your purchase delivers them direct to your home.
The Illuminarti App
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